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Vapor Cigarettes & Joyetech eVic in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Any smoker knows that quitting is always easier said than done. The Juice Man Vapor Store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, provides vapor cigarettes like the Joyetech eVic to help you quit sooner. These electronic cigarettes are guaranteed to reduce your nicotine intake as well as begin a healthier life.

Joyetech eVic

We sell multiple models; however, the eVic is the most prominent vapor cigarette. It is a module cigarette with variable wattage and voltage and can be used for 3 – 6 volts. It is our number one e-cig. There are many benefits to this electronic cigarette you will find to be ideal. The Joyetech eVic has an OHM reader, a puff counter, and you can actually hook it up to the computer and download a graph to see how much you have smoked.

Vapor Cigarettes, Vapor Cigarettes in Oklahoma City, OK

This particular e-cigarette also has a sleep timer; it is the only e-cig that we know of with a sleep timer. The batter is fully rechargeable and comes with an 18/650 battery, that's a 2650 MAH battery. This is an actual pass through module which means it can be charged while smoking. It is the only module that can be smoked while charging. You can even set a daily max so that you can only smoke so much of it in one day. It works with a 510 thread atomizer.

Vapor Cigarettes

If you are trying to quit smoking or you are a casual smoker who does not like the idea of constantly putting horrible toxins into your body, vapor cigarettes have been designed to fulfill the hand-to-mouth habit and reduce your nicotine intake.

E-Cigarette Options

Electronic cigarettes became quite popular once smokers realized how convenient buying and using the product actually was. Electronic cigarette options are endless, ranging in different sizes, flavors, and prices.

About Us

Quitting smoking is always a good idea, so The Juice Man Vapor Store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, sells electronic cigarettes with a variety of flavors to help you quit faster. They allow you to freely smoke indoors without the horrible smell and discoloration of walls and fabrics.

Why We Stand Apart

We have an electronic cigarette store where we mix our own e-liquid on-site, carrying all major brands. Our vapor store is the largest one in Oklahoma City. Within our store you will find that we possess the widest variety of eliquid, and the biggest selection of ecigs. You are guaranteed quality products with our company.

Within our store you will find our vapor lounge. Within this lounge you are able to relax with your electronic cigarette and hang out. It is important to note we only sell our products to the public who are over the age of 18

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